IKI Center Language Program:

IKI Center Language Program is one of the most successful programs in the community. Through this program we have language, Dari and Pashto, classes for younger kids and high school students. High school students can take Dari or Pashto as a foreign language and receive college transferrable credits toward their foreign language class. With support of Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) we were able to establish the language center for high school students to learn their native language and be able to communicate easily at home. In addition, mastering their native language, future generation will have opportunity to work in Afghanistan too.

Our English as Second Language program has not began yet, and we are hoping to be able to provide English classes for elders and new comers residing in Fremont area.

Our language program includes:

  • Dari Classes
  • Pashto Classes
  • ESL for Senior Citizens

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