Board of Directors of IKIC

Ibrahim Khalilullah Islamic Center (IKIC) is a community center for muslims which was established in 1996. Since its inception, IKIC has been able to attract over 600 members. Majority of members are Afghan immigrants from Northern California, however, the center has welcomed community members from every background.

Members of IKIC have recently decided to purchase a property for the center in city of Fremont, in Northern California. The construction project was completed in summer of 2008. The new building grand-opening was held in September of 2008. Due to purchase of the property and renovation of the entire building the center is carrying a loan of almost 2 million dollars; please do visit our donation page and donate generously to ease the financial burdon of the center. To view the grand opening of the center please visit our video resources page.

IKIC is a non-profit orgnization with registered 501C-3 Status. IKI Center has a board of directors that manages its daily activities. IKIC board is elected by the general member body and serves for 2 years. The following individules are elected in Ramadhan 2017 (June 2017) to the board of directors:

Arshad Ershad, President

Fareed Wardak, Board Member
Mohd. Seddique Zarabi, Board Member

Farhad Shafaq, Board Member

Nasrin Jamil, Board Member

Mohd. Dauod Hussainkhil, Board Member

Tarin Bayan, Board Member
Aaref Wardak, Board Member
Mohd. Qased Orgonwall, Board Member

Kabir Mohseni, Board Member
Abdullah Rahim, Board Member

Abdullah Rahim, Board Member

Raziq Wallahi, Board Member

Committees of IKIC

IKIC has the following committees:

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