IKI Center Events:

The following is list of events held at IKI Center. IKI Center is not responsible for material or contents of the events held by other organizations in our facility.

Items in red color are UPCOMING EVENTS.

  • •   IKI Center Election
    Election to Board of Directors will be held on Saturday; June 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm.
    All Members of IKI Center are encouraged to come and participate in the election. Eftar will be served.

    • •   Ramadan 2017 Eid Prayers
      We will have the Eid prayer event tentatively @ 9:00 AM Sunday July 25, 2017

      Please don't forget to remember the events marked on Ramadan Schedule.

    • •   IKI Center Eftar Nights
      IKI Center is holding Eftar nights only on weekends during holy month of Ramadhan (2017) with help of our community members. To donate and support nights at IKI Center, please contract the administration office at IKI Center.

    • •   Fateha and Mass Condolences for 5000 People - Sunday, October 13, 2013
      This event is mass condolences gathering for 5000 Afghan people whose names were just revealed in the list of victims of human right abuses by the notorius Russian-backed Kabul Administration between years of 1978 to 1979.
      Event Flyer

    • •   Ramadhan 2013 Khatem Night - Saturday, July 27, 2013
      This special event starts with iftar; after prayer dinner will be served. The program will progress with speaches from scholars and dignitaries from Northern California, and will conclude with Ishaa Prayer and Khatm-ul-Trawih.

    • •   Iftar Nights - Ramadhan 2013
      Please visit our video resource page for event video and speaches from Iftar Nights:
      Iftar Night July 20, 2013 (2nd video)
      Iftar Night July 20, 2013
      Iftar Night July 13, 2013

    • •   Family Night (April 27, 2013)
      Eating Healthy, Youth and Family Relations in Western Society
      Guest Speaker: Qari Safiullah Samadi
      Click here for printable flyer...

    • •   Youth Cultural and Language Classes (March 30, 2013)
      Planning language (Dari & Pushto) classes for youth
      Guest Speaker: Qari Taha Hamid
      Fundraising for language center needs
      Click here for printable flyer...

    • •   Youth Empowerment - Aug 17, 2012
      Discussion with community youth and analysing their needs

    • •   Youth Empowerment - Aug 10, 2012
      Study and analysis of youth in the community, planning for outreach to middle and high school students

    • •   College Preparation - July 10, 2011
      An informative open house event for high school students
      Guest Speaker: Dr. Mohammad Homayoun Qayoumi, President of San Jose State University
      Click here for printable flyer...

    • •   IKIC is hosting a Community Night on April 3, 2010
      The Topic is "Away from Alcohol and Drugs".

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